Management Services

We know that in the organizations we’re serving, resources are scarce.  And so our focus is going to be on the areas that really need the most attention. We’re going to have a pretty strong antenna in terms of where the areas of need are because of our experience and because of the network of professionals we bring to the table.  We’re going to make sure we put our efforts on the areas where our client needs our help.
- Robert C. Bobb
President and CEO

For organizations that are facing severe financial challenges, organizational challenges, labor challenges and other pressing needs, we provide a comprehensive set of services where we examine cost drivers, evaluate organizations and identify opportunities to save resources or redirect resources to otherwise improve the management of those organizations.

Services include program management; executive coaching; labor contract negotiations; interim executive management; community engagement; and liaison services between public and private organizations.

This process starts with having the often-difficult conversation with a community around how to make the right decision and how to empower and involve individuals in that process. And making clear that this decision-making is based on verifiable, believable data.

We have a real focus on tough urban challenges that are unique to urban cities. Unlike corporate restructuring, where the focus is largely on the bottom line, in a public sector restructuring you’re looking at the financial capacity of an organization, the impact on stakeholders who may hold elected office, and the interests of  community and institutional stakeholders.

We know that a budget is the organization’s most important strategic document because it determines how resources are allocated.  We treat that process as a strategic process, not just as a financial process.  Our experience can translate into supporting a leader’s overall effectiveness in a community, and help leaders make good decisions that serve a variety of stakeholders.

We also serve our clients through a relationship with Toulson Enterprises, an 8(a) firm.