Economic Development

Everything now is going to be driven by cost, so we’ve got to use technology, we’ve got to use innovative and creative design, and somewhere in the discussion of economic development we have to talk about helping to design innovative and creative solutions to financing and acquisition.  We find solutions based on our depth of experience and capacity for innovation.

- Merrick Malone
Principal and EVP

We advise on housing, community development, sports, and entertainment industries with a focus on Public/Private partnerships. Our services include alternative financing, real estate development, advisory services to state and local government and to private sector companies interested in developing in municipalities and equity participation.

Conscientious economic development planning focuses on key benchmarks including access to customers/markets; concentration of businesses and services; real estate and infrastructure; labor market conditions; municipal permit processes; community quality of life; business incentives; local tax rates; site related amenities and access to local information.

Beyond advising clients during the planning process, the Robert Bobb Group also provides on-the-ground services as implementers—including alternative financing for commercial/residential retail development, waterfront development, entertainment complexes, sports stadiums and other transformation projects.

Our nationally recognized work with school systems includes working with municipalities to build new schools and also to renovate existing schools with the belief that education investment should be coordinated with neighborhood economic development.  A school can serve as a catalyst or anchor to rebuild a neighborhood.

We can also be equity participants for municipal clients as well as for private clients who want to do business with municipalities. We participate in joint ventures in which we tie economic development and education development/construction together.