Asset Management

For strategic, operational and financial reasons, asset management is increasingly vital to the stability of municipal governments. Property that is owned, controlled or used by local governments is integral to maintaining public trust, and protecting the economic strength of communities.

There is no one size fits all way to monetize assets. Every deal has to be looked at from all aspects. Who are you doing the deal with? Is it in keeping with the mission? It’s a public and municipal asset, publicly owned. So it’s not just about the money. You have to look at the user, you have to look at the relationships, you have to be aware of the perceptions and the message you are sending.

-Bill Slover


Municipal asset management is the process of inventory, valuation, use, strategic portfolio reviews, reporting and auditing of municipal assets and, in some cases, state properties as part of the decision making process of local governments.

Effective asset management proceeds in tandem with meeting the challenges of the social and political environment. Elected officials and high-level managers depend on a shared vision with their constituents to strengthen or stabilize asset management programs that advance clearly defined public objectives.

The Robert Bobb Group offers particular expertise in budget, finance, asset management, operations management and in cultivating public/private partnerships.  Our real estate and management work includes portfolio analysis, disposition and acquisition services, highest and best use analysis, developing internal capacity for organizations to manage their real estate assets, and managing real estate RFPs.

Essential to our practice is the process of community engagement to engage citizens and municipal leaders alike in the process of urban renewal.  We carefully prepare participatory processes to support community objectives and action plans for development, while maintaining transparency, accountability, and scrupulous attention to detail.