Years of Experience


Education / Certifications

  • Bachelor of Arts, University, District of Columbia
  • Masters, Technology Management, Information Security, Georgetown University

Professional Summary

Patrick Bobb brings over nine years of experience in operations management, human resource management, Technology Management, business development and marketing, quality assurance and business intelligence.  Primarily his background is in Business Development, Business Intelligence and Marketing.  As a Human Resources and quality assurance professional, Patrick has experience in Human Resources management, where he managed all HR related issues, recruiting, benefits, employee relations issues, security and departmental processes for over 230 employees.  Prior to that, Patrick served as an Analyst to various organizations and successfully audited and managed HR related financial accounting for vendor accounts.  Patrick has experience in operational technology implementation and upgrade processes, as well as, technology strategic planning. Working at The Robert Bobb Group, Patrick focuses on technology management, business development, proposal management, technical writing, business intelligence and operational organization.  He has worked on most of the engagements RBG has been tasked with as a consultant.

Relevant Experience

  • The Robert Bobb Group, LLC. (January 2012 – Present), Washington, DC., Director, Operations.
  • Recent Projects Worked:
    • Chicago, Il: RBG was tasked with two major assignments: Serve as Special Advisor to the Deputy Superintendent for Administration on the proposed sale of the 450,000 sq. ft. Chicago Public Schools Corporate Headquarters and be a part of the Logistics Team on a major project to advise CPS on the school closure project involving more than 66 Schools. My Team’s specific area involved inventory and quality control work. Managed a small team of consultants in conducting an analysis of the inventory for each classroom; the inventory movement patters; errors caused by movers/inventory controllers/and principals; and finally, operational errors and damages to inventory list.
    • Stockton, CA: Assisted in statistical data research, benchmarking, technical writing, and filing for the reporting to the Executive Management for The Robert Bobb Group, LLC and Alvarez and Marsal. Worked on Technical Writing, research and benchmarking of statistical data used in deposition and legal recommendations to Legal Team/City.
    • Puerto Rico: Assisted in researching, benchmarking and analyzing data on Prison operations, statistical numbers vs. consistency in security and prisoner safety. Conducted initial benchmarking analysis based on initial intelligence of prisons in Puerto Rico vs. similar minimum to maximum security prisons intelligence in the United States for Men, Women and Juveniles.
    • Richmond Public Schools Task Force: The Robert Bobb Group (RBG) was engaged by the Mayor’s School Accountability and Efficiency Task Force to support the work of the Task Force of identifying cost savings and targeting resources to the programs that will help Richmond Public Schools improve student achievement by identifying and recommending strategies to redirect non-instructional savings to classrooms.   Additionally, RBG was tasked with finding an additional $25M in short term savings for RPS FY12.  RBG had only 3 weeks to find the sources of potential funds and deliver a fiscal savings and cost reduction report.
    • Was responsible for: Human Resources policies and procedures and initial Grant Management analysis. Patrick found areas of short/long term savings for the school district, within the Human Resources department and the elimination, merger and rebalancing of positions for FY12.  Helped to complete the final reporting to the Mayor and City Council and was included in the final reporting processes.
    • Stockton, CA, Analyst: Assisted in statistical data research and technical writing for the reporting to the City of Stockton Executive Branch.
    • Puerto Rico, Analyst: Assisted in researching, benchmarking and analyzing data on Prison operations numbers vs. consistency. Conducted initial benchmarking analysis based on initial findings of prisons in Puerto Rico vs. similar minimum to maximum security prisons in the United States.
    • Richmond, VA Public Schools Task Force, Sr. Analyst: Responsible for the following: Human Resources policies and procedures, Information Systems analysis, compliance and Quality Control of financial reporting, and Grant analysis.  Patrick was on the team of project managers that successfully found $25M in short term savings recommendations to present to the school board.  Helped to complete the final reporting to the Mayoral Task Force and City Council and was a part of the final reporting process.
  • DC Chartered Health Plan, Inc. (January 2007 – January 2012), Washington, DC,  Human Resources Generalist – Implemented new HRIS system; to include records transfer; functional requirements review and analysis; and, training and implementation planning. Provided functional support to 240 employees that consist of Doctors, Nurses, IT Professionals, Compliance Officers, Financial Systems Analysts, Business Development/Program Management Professionals and Claims/Call Center Professionals. (Key Accomplishment:  During periods of high employment turnover within the HR Department, served as the only member of the HR for months at a time; two different times during employment.  Managed all HR related issues, recruiting, benefits, employee relations issues and departmental processes for over 220 employees.  Fully staffed HR Department consists of five (5) to six (6) employees.
  • McKissack & McKissack (June 2006 to October 5, 2007 , Washington, DC), Business Development Analyst - Provided administrative and medium level technical marketing support to the VP, Marketing and Business Development.  Managed the creation of Qualification packages, RFP/RFI report libraries, and editing/proofing of RFP/RFI proposals.  Co-managed the business development binders and mapping, as well as, analyzed potential client timelines.