The Robert Bobb Group, LLC (RBG) is a minority-owned national consulting firm specializing in public and private sector consulting and advisory services.  RBG is committed to providing solutions to government and private sector operations, educational entities, and professional services organizations by utilizing a seamless approach and methodology that combines excellence in strategic planning and project execution, while continuously innovating and helping its clients succeed in the Knowledge Era.  RBG integrates business and technical expertise focuses in three areas:


RBG helps clients with strategy development, rapid strategy implementation, and strategic knowledge systems that deliver measurable financial and operational results.  RBG leverages best practices including management dashboards, benchmarking analysis, interviews, process modeling, and the ‘Balanced Scorecard' approach that has been recognized by the Harvard Business Review as one of the most significant management innovations of the past 75 years.


Through innovative solutions that combine knowledge and technology, RBG works with government and educational clients to create business processes that are agile, anticipatory, and highly effective.  Distinctive competencies include: defined appropriate governance structures; board development and training; defined measures of success for the board; and improved financial and operational structures.

Professional Services

RBG's professional services division has a national reputation for offering excellence in professional services and project consulting.  RBG specializes in Public and Private Sector Turnaround Consulting and Advisory services; Crisis and Emergency Management; Financial and Organizational Restructuring; Budget Management; Homeland Security; Labor Relations; Economic Development Advisory Services; Emergency Planning and Public Safety Planning; asset Management Services; Interim Management; and Managed Competition Analysis, in education, government and private sector industries.

The RBG team is comprised of a diverse group of experts in both private and municipal finance, management and operations. Our team members have extensive experience working with municipalities and have a successful track record of facilitating and managing public-private sector partnerships and managed competition processes for the outsourcing of select services. Our work has resulted in millions of dollars of revenue and cost savings for our customers, as well as, better efficiency and systemic change management practices. The firm’s founding three staff members decided to join the firm after working together in the Detroit Public Schools, where Robert Bobb was commissioned by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm to serve as the Emergency Financial Manager, responsible for turning around the district in the midst of a financial and academic emergency. Results included $4M in annual security savings; $8M in annual transportation; $14.8M in annual janitorial and maintenance costs; and $4.8M in revenue from the sale of bus fleet (please see full description in project experience section).

Members of RBG have successfully implemented and led cost savings and advisory strategies in other large public urban settings, including: Washington, DC; New Orleans, LA; Harrisburg, PA; Puerto Rico; Georgia; South Carolina; Oakland, CA; Inglewood, CA; Compton, CA; Stockton, CA; Santa Ana, CA; Richmond, VA; Kalamazoo, Michigan; Chicago, IL, among others.